“What’s for dinner?” Fast Food For Life

Hi everyone, Eric here. Welcome to Fast Food For Life.  The purpose and goal of Fast Food For Life is to share what I’ve learned about cooking. More, specifically, I want to share what I’ve discovered as I have learned to cook and serve quick and healthy dinners in about 30 minutes or less.  About a year ago, life threw me a major curve ball when I suddenly became the sole parent of my three boys (12, 15 & 20 years old).  As my boys and I navigated our new life, one relentless question had to be answered everyday, no matter what was going on in our lives, “what’s for dinner?” The pressure of having to answer this once seeming silly question was literally overwhelming some days. It was always there, always being asked, even if silently.

Along the way, I’ve figured out a few things, and found rhythm and tremendous satisfaction in my cooking and in many other important areas of my life. And, along the way, I’ve also realized on a new level that everyone is dealing with “stuff” in their lives, and that everyone is extremely busy no matter what their “stuff” looks like that day or that year. I hope through my Fast Food For Life blog and YouTube videos that I can provide some truly useful and valuable ideas to help busy people everywhere answer that relentless “what’s for dinner” question, as well as to answer the relentless follow-up question, “when will it be ready?”

With two of my three boys still at home (both play basketball non-stop, which means they eat non-stop), I cook and make food daily. As fast as I can make it, they eat it. And, I know when they ask “what’s for dinner,” that the shot clock is running. If I don’t deliver a meal in about 30 minutes or less, the buzzer will sound.  Only the sound I hear is not really a buzzer.  Its worse! It’s the sound of cereal hitting the bottom of bowls, telling me that they simply couldn’t hold out for real food any longer.  You know the sound, right?

In my YouTube videos, I hope to share how to make quick and healthy dinners in about 30 minute or less.  I want to share these things because learning and developing these techniques has reduced a major stress in my life.  Its amazing, but just knowing that I can make a quick and healthy dinner for my myself, my boys, my boys and their friends, my extended family, or for any other guest I might have, has turned cooking from a daily chore into a fun, satisfying, and sometimes thrilling daily activity. This may sound corny, but in a very real way for me, I have felt as though I have grown spiritually as I have learned to love preparing food for my boys.  The deep gratitude and love I feel when cooking for them has changed me in ways I never could have imagined.

I hope my blog and videos are truly useful to those who discover them, and that each of us can have more confidence, more satisfaction, and more fun while feeding the ones we love in fast and healthy ways that fit our busy lives.  Thank you for finding Fast Food For Life.  Enjoy!